COMMUNICATION is what drives my life. Whether playing a character, or creating through my own ideas.

I will always remember the first time I worked in a professional film shooting. It was during exams at High School. My DRIVE was so big that even that was not a drawback.

Thanks to the EXPERIENCE I have gained throughout my professional life, I feel as comfortable both in a studio, as on stage. Bearing in mind that I never cease to learn.

TRUST of understanding the environment in which I work has prompted me to go a step further: to carry out my own projects. 2007 saw the birth of “Elizabeth I”, a play that won the first prize for interpretation of Art Jove Balearic Islands. I am currently working on the postproduction of “To be or not be a mother”, my first short film. I am willing to share it with you in the coming months.

THANKS to you all who accompany me on the way.

Madrid / Palma de Mallorca, October 11 th, 2011